Pile Follower / Chaser / Drive Sub.

Pile Follower / Chaser / Drive Sub

Drive sub / chasers are an obligatory component when driving conductor strings joined together by ‘connections’ rather than by welding and/or where the top of the pile must be driven flush.

Through the advancement of oil field technology and material science, connections are commonplace in the world of Well construction and tubular products, often providing superior mechanical properties and integrity to that of welds whilst boasting significant savings in rig time during tubular running operations.

In order to safely drive a conductor with connections, a drive sub / chaser specific to that of the size and geometry of the connection must be used. The drive sub / chaser acts as the critical interface between the hammer and connection allowing impact energy to be transferred uniformly and safely into the conductor during driving operations.

CIS are a leading manufacturer of drive sub / chasers suitable for driving popular XLC-S and DDS large diameter connections ranging from 20”-36” in outer diameter. We also hold a large inventory of rental XLC-S / DDS drive sub chasers across the globe for rapid call off.

With over 50 drivable connections on the market, CIS has a wealth of connection experience and enjoys strong links with major pipe and connection OEM’s, enabling us to help clients specify and source the correct drive sub chaser for any application.

Although CIS do not stock drive chasers for other connections, we have the in-house engineering capabilities to manufacture ‘hybrid’ chasers made from either a pin or box section provided free issue by the client. Depending on pipe run orientation, CIS can reverse engineer the free issue pin or box onto our proven chaser technology in accordance with API standards, greatly improving on the long lead times often stated by connections OEM’s.

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