Drive Shoes.

Drive Shoes

Whilst certain geological characteristics promote a sturdy formation, in excess they can impede drivability increasing Soil Resistance to Driving (SRD) and in some cases lead to early refusal. As global leaders in our field, CIS understands this critical relationship and has developed in conjunction with geotechnical analysis, a range of drive shoe technology to enhance drivability in medium to high strength formations.

A critical component in any driving application, CIS’s weld on drive shoes offer two principal/major benefits;

Using equal or higher strength metallurgy and thicker wall, the pile/conductor is strengthened at the toe mitigating distortion and collapse during installation. This is crucial for Oil & Gas Well applications where the subsequent casings must be drilled and installed through the conductor.
Improved Drivability
By disrupting the build-up of frictional forces, drive shoe technology enables clients to achieve a faster, deeper and more stable installation, improving ultimate conductor integrity.

Designed and manufactured in house to API standards, the full range of CIS drive shoes include:

Standard Drive Shoe
An entry level shoe suitable for medium formations featuring equal or higher strength material and thicker wall schedule.
Deep Penetration Shoe
An advanced shoe featuring serrated teeth, internal and external friction disruption technology designed for use in firm formations.
Easy Drive Shoe
An advanced shoe featuring serrated teeth and external friction disruption technology with a flush internal diameter for applications where maximum internal bore area is required.
Directional Drive Shoe
A mandatory requirement for directional conductor driving applications, installed at a critical offset angle for collision avoidance to meet individual customer requirements.

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